[Wine] Re: Intel HDA with Plantronics USB

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 18 07:59:50 CDT 2008

irishdunn wrote:
> Susan I know of that reference, I used it to set up my Direct3d support.
> However, as I stated earlier: When running the winecfg, I can see both devices.
> -Intel HDA
> -Plantronics USB

That doesn't mean anything. Winecfg  does a more complete scan of devices and will show something that is normally won't be available. You have to explicitly tell Wine's ALSA driver to look for more then one device.

Same with selecting devices - Wine's ALSA driver will pick the default device (which would be your sound card) and not the USB mic. You either need to make that recording device default in ~/.asoundrc or tell Wine via registry which input device to use. Winecfg can't do that for you.

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