[Wine] Running IBPump.exe

R. S. Patil kpr.rspatil at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 11:55:53 CDT 2008

Hi qwertymn,

> I will let u know results of new wineprefix and
> IBPump.exe soon.

Well As I mentioned in previous Post, I tried IBPump,
DBComparer, IBOConsole and Delphi 5.

The Good News is all are working. Thanks for help extended
in understanding log. I did all these installations
independently and found dependencies from logs

As of today all four are working. Now I will try
more rigorous testing on them rather start using them
in production.

Now taking up two more graphics programs
Autocad 2008 and Sketchup as many of my
friends requested me to give it a try. If its
successful almost 15 to 20 ppl will shift from
XP to linux. Hope wine community helps in this

Thanks once again and Best regards

R. S. Patil

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