[Wine] Only stereo instead true 5.1 sound in World of Warcraft

gutko wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 19 13:53:10 CDT 2008

Im trying to get World of Warcraft to sound the same way as in win xp - i mean in real 5.1 - no duplicating channels in alsa etc...
Problem is that WoW in Wine 1.1.2 detects only stereo mode as SESound.log file in wow logs says:

8/18 16:22:22.509   - Detected Control Panel Speaker Mode = STEREO
8/18 16:22:22.509   - Setting WoW Speaker Mode to STEREO

but in winxp WoW detects real 5.1 (set to 5.1 in control panel):

8/18 13:31:20.421   - Detected Control Panel Speaker Mode = 5.1
8/18 13:31:20.437   - Setting WoW Speaker Mode to 5.1

The difference in sorrounding sound is HUGE.

As (if Im correct) control panel's settings in Ubuntu are handled by wine I was trying to find number of channels setting in wine registry but with no luck.

My setup:
Ubuntu 8.04 32bit with recompiled alsa 1.0.17 and Asus Xonar DX card.
Wine 1.1.2 (audio set to alsa)
Pulseaudio uninstalled

Can you give me any suggestions where to look next please?

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