[Wine] Wine memory bug with patch?

downer wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 21 10:33:58 CDT 2008

I'm assuming from what I've read in the forums that Wine reserves 1GB for Linux and can't allocate more than 3GB for Windows programs without a patch. I replaced


# define ADDRESS_SPACE_LIMIT ((void *)0xc0000000) /* top of the total available address space */
# define USER_SPACE_LIMIT ((void *)0x7fff0000) /* top of the user address space */


# define ADDRESS_SPACE_LIMIT  0   /* no limit needed on other platforms */
# define USER_SPACE_LIMIT     0   /* no limit needed on other platforms */

When I compile something without this patch, Wine seems to use the Linux swapfile before it uses the 1GB Wine reserves for Linux. But, when I use this patch, Wine seems to go into the 1GB reserved for Linux and corrupts what I'm trying to compile. 

With this patch, is there a way to keep Windows programs from using the 1GB reserved for Linux, and using the swapfile instead?

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