[Wine] Re: Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection

NeilWards wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 24 11:01:17 CDT 2008

The original post in this thread was never answered, and I too was requesting help on the same subject -since as of yet, this issue remains unresolved.
So, to recap, Rosetta Stone is installed and running, but can't detect my microphone (analogue, or the USB headset that comes with the software).
Since Rosetta Stone is reported as fully functional under WINE, I am asking for advice, in terms of configuration. If it means buying a specific brand of USB microphone, then I would like to know a make and model. If on the other hand, an analogue microphone can be made to work, then I would like to know how this was achieved.
I hope this is explicit enough.
Thank you.

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