[Wine] Re: Wine Feature suggestion

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 30 00:07:47 CDT 2008

You are right about overrides and tweaks.

The same thing is that the experienced user that had been testing week after week knows about them and doesn't think a lot when installing.
In my case, Trados, sometimes a version did require a tweak, another another override (I did remember in 0.9.59 to be installing msxml 4 to avoid a crash on the .NET on this particular version where it was not needed before and afterwards).

Once I talked to my colleague because they were talking about a forum post I made one year ago about Trados and Wine (when I actually started to do it) and I answered you still have to get your hands pretty dirty but the best version was still 0.9.59 (actually between 0.9.56 and 59).
He just answered me that he admired for this but reminded me that before wanting be climbing the everest without oxygen, there was also the mt blanc if I were to give up - which he would understand).

If you see garbage and gold at the same time, it's very likely down to experience or tweaks. Starters will find anything that is not actually platium garbage at the first try.

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