[Wine] Dreamweaver CS4 bugs

WiseAllec wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Dec 1 11:29:55 CST 2008

Hi all, I've been using Dreamweaver CS4 with WINE for the last couple of days, here are a couple of bugs that I noticed.

WINE buglist for Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Version 10.0 Build 4117:

Shift doesn't work in the listbox but ctrl does (for example, when using the recordset window)

After opening some menus, the menus do not disappear, not even when minimizing, and stay there until the program is closed. A good way to make this occur is to click on one of the menus and just pass your cursor over every other menu, then click on an empty space in the bar next to the menu. The menus will remain on screen and over everything until you close the program. 

When hovering the "server behaviors" tab (when it's text is cut off because of not being active) for a couple of seconds, a tooltip appears, and stays there, it just won't go away not even when minimizing. The same thing happens with other tabs which are not active and have long text. The current visible tooltip will dissappear if you hover over another tab which isn't active and has long text, but the problem will reoccur with that tooltip.
NOTE: This problem might be related to the previous problem as well.

The text in the menu and other areas are too close together or are not drawn correctly (they appear to be missing pixels)

Redraw problems that occured in Dreamweaver 8 still occur, dropdown boxes' entries do not dissappear after selecting an entry, you must move your mouse around for it to finally dissappear, textboxes only display what you are typing if you have your mouse in the right place, etc...
NOTE: To workaround the redraw problem one must place the cursor over an element on the current window that is enabled (like text boxes and combo boxes), labels and parts of the window will cause the redraw problem to show it's ugly little annoying face...

Font sizes appear to be larger in some controls than in others, for example, the text in combo boxes is smaller than those contained in text boxes in the same window

In the file browser (usually found on the bottom right of the program), placing the cursor over a file or folder shows it's complete name but then I am unable to select said file or folder because the tooltip does not allow me to do so, it is completely over the filename which makes it impossible to click on the file or folder to select it because the tooltip only dissappears when I move the cursor off of it and doesn't dissappear when I click on it. 
NOTE: A workaround to this problem would be to select a file or folder with a smaller name and use the keyboard directional keys to get to it and then use the menu button, also on the keyboard, to make a menu appear (to acces the filebrowser functions such as delete, cut, copy, paste, etc...).
NOTE: Another way would be to kind of sneak up on the file, you have to go around it and click on it's icon to select it, this way the tooltip will not appear at all.

When using the scrollbar in the insert tab, the elements contained there flicker alot.

The text scrolling effect in the about window is slow and flickery.

Edit > Preferences : CSS Styles does not generate any elements in the window (I'm thinking this is a drawing problem) even though it should.
NOTE: A workaround would be to have evince opened and maximized (you don't have to have a document open, just the program), open the preferences in Dreamweaver and go to CSS Styles, it should be blank, then click on the evince task in the taskbar and click the Dreamweaver task in the taskbar, the window should now be filled with elements. Another program that would do the same effect is the Gnome System Manager, again, you must have it maximized. I found that even if you don't have the gnome programs maximized and you happen to have the window occupy the same area (position and size) as the preferences window, it will magically show the elements that have not been drawn. Could it be related to the redraw problem mentioned towards the top of this list?
NOTE: Upon further investigation it appears that this workaround works because the gnome programs in question are being constantly updated. This workaround can work with gedit as well, but it's a bit more complicated.. you would have to modify stuff in gedit where the preferences window of Dreamweaver would be...

The Dreamweaver window switches to last opened gnome window when exiting an internal window, such as it's preferences or the window used to create recordsets. How to make this bug appear: Open Dreamweaver, Edit > Preferences, click on one of the list items on the left side of the preferences window, next switch to another program via taskbar, then switch back to Dreamweaver, next click on cancel, and voila! Also happens with the about box. Probably easier to verify with that.
NOTE: This might be a way that gnome handles windows and might not be a bug with Dreamweaver at all, but I just thought that I should mention it anyways

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