[Wine] cdrom access does not work "as before" in wine-1.0.1 ?

ben brouits at free.fr
Wed Dec 3 16:45:17 CST 2008

i managed to get the CDROM recognised by the bar.ex app:
in fact, i installed the bar app before to configure the D: drive, so 
that bar.exe was configured to check his cdrom access through path 
Z:\path\to\mounted\cdrom, which is not a CDROM type access.
I had to mofidy the registry for bar.exe seeting "CDROM access" to D:\ 
instead of Z:\path\to\mounted\cdrom and then bar.exe could read the 
CDROM image.

so, this works fine.
- ben

ben a écrit :
> Hello list,
> Although i read posts related to cdrom access with wine in the forum and 
> did configure wine the way it is told, i still cannot reach a cdrom 
> image with wine-1.0.1. However, i could with older versions of wine.
> Here is the config:
> # mount -o loop -t iso9660 /path/to/bar-cdrom.iso /media/cdrom
> $ ls /media/cdrom
> [stuff listed from the bar-cdrom.iso, read as normal user]
> $ winecfg
> [ -> add D: pointing to /media/cdrom, having CD-ROM access type]
> $ winefile
> [ i can see the cdrom stuff in D: with normal user]
> $ wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/foo/bar.exe
> [ foo/bar working correctly, but when it tries to access the CDROM,
>   it opens a popup telling something like:
>      "please insert the bar CDROM into your CDROM drive"]
> i ensure the bar-cdrom.iso is the right iso for the foo/bar program. 
> This used to work with a previous version of wine (i don't remember 
> which one though). The linux kernel i use is a 2.6.27, glibc is 2.8.90, 
> both from ubuntu 8.10. Thx for any hint on getting the cdrom access (as 
> an iso file mounted as loop device) working on wine-1.0.1. Maybe is it 
> fixed on the latest wine?
> - ben

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