[Wine] Re: [Game] Unhandled page fault problem (KEYBOARD.C)

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 4 11:11:19 CST 2008

=>1 0x7e16f3cf X11DRV_GetAsyncKeyState+0x4f(key=1953724755) [/home/speng/wine-1.1.9/dlls/winex11.drv/keyboard.c:1852] in winex11 (0x7befe6cc)
  2 0x7eba4d91 GetAsyncKeyState+0x21(nKey=1953724755) [/home/speng/wine-1.1.9/dlls/user32/input.c:276] in user32 (0x7befe6dc)
  3 0x00456347 in shadowflare (+0x56347) (0x00000000)

Looks like bug in that program. 1953724755 is not a valid key. The question is, should Wine cap that to < 256 or not?

Please open a bug report in Wine's bugzilla and attach terminal output as a text file. This needs a test case.

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