[Wine] Re: Trouble compiling--unable to find freetype

English_Mohican wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 4 14:22:02 CST 2008

Thanks for that non-contribution Vitamin - I suggest you try reading the original post, your link and my post.  The link does mention freetype2-devel-32bit  which is not the package that Wine is looking for above. It does not mention libfreetype.so which wine configure is looking for above. In my case it finds libfreetype.so.6. Your link does mention some specific links that are needed but not this one.

Now, if you chose to be clever about whether this specific link was needed, you could be right, it might not be. But the list of needed links is not complete - at least on my system and it could help the OP to be aware of that.

Finally, Wine compiles perfectly well without freetype2-devel-32bit and runs very acceptably. At the moment there are dependancy problems with freetype2-devel-32bit within Yast and it is not installable. I'm sure that is system dependent and the OP might be able to install it perfectly well -but it also might not solve his problem if he did.

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