[Wine] rpc:RpcMgmtSetComTimeout

vitrun wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 4 16:00:37 CST 2008

I am a newbie.  I tried to run an app and got error.  Please show me how to debug this.  thanks inadvance !!!

hungv at hungv-ubuntu:~$ wine "c:\program files\deltek\time collection\user\etusr32.exe"
fixme:rpc:RpcMgmtSetComTimeout (0x145d48, 0): stub
wine: Call from 0x7ee02450 to unimplemented function rpcrt4.dll.NdrRpcSmClientAllocate, aborting
fixme:rpc:RpcMgmtSetComTimeout (0x145d48, 5): stub

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