[Wine] WOW low frame rates when in full windows mode

paulmiskolczi wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Dec 5 02:03:13 CST 2008

My PC is running an evga 780si with dual evga 9800gt2 graphics cards, im running vista ultimate 64 bit with 8g of on-board ram, the graphic cards each have 1g of onboard ram as well, in SLI mode out of windows mode the game runs fine, my frame rate is in the uper 60's but sometime drops to the 30's, however if i change to windows mode, especially in the full windows mode my frame rate drops below 10. Basically anytime i change into full windows mode (when i say full windows mode, i mean that the WOW window takes up the entire screen and the task bar is visible), my frame rate drops. Now i run dual monitors, 2 Dell 24" HD monitors, one monitor is cabled with a hdmi cable, this monitor is used for the WOW program, the other monitor is attached using a dvi cable. All my vid drivers are updated, i did talk to evga and they did state that since the new expansion, evga has gotten numerous complaints about low frame rates. However, i had absolutley no issues with low frame rates in windows mode since the expansion was released until recently, as a matter of fact i noticed that my sych rate on my monitor was set at 59 and the game at 60, so i set both to 60 and it solved the issue, this was just yesterday, however today, with no changes what so ever to the system the problem has reoccured. When i change my setting to windows mode in the game, the screen defaults to a size on the screen that does not put the window in full screen mode, i would say that the wow window is missing about 1 inch on each side of the window, so the window isnt taking the whole screen, now in this mode the game has a frame rate well above 20, this is playable for wow, so the game runs fine, however when i hit the maximize button on the right top corner of the window to maximize its size, the games frame rate drops below 10. This is where the problem lies, i have no idea why, i tried different configs with both the games video settings as well as the EVGA control panel which has numerous options, and to no avail, if this makes any sence to anyone please give me some advice or maybe some link to a possible solution to my problem.

thank you

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