[Wine] Re: OpenGL test?

English_Mohican wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Dec 5 13:10:30 CST 2008

I thought I would try out the windows version of glxgears as suggested above. I downloaded the binary and ran it without a virtual window and got two boxes, one a text box and the other the graphics box where the gears normally appear. All that appeared was a static and torn graphic but the text box showed the normal "8000 frames in 5 secs.." type of messages.

Then I ran it in a virtual window and I got the same boxes as above but also got the gears - outside the virtual window and  immediately to the left of the box it should have been inside. 
Moving the box did not move the gears, but moving the virtual window did move the gears.

Is this a problem anybody recognises?  

This is with Wine 1.1.9 on OpenSuse with an AMD 64 bit processor,  ATI X700 graphics and the fglrx driver - and for example, Morrowind runs beautifully on it in wine.

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