[Wine] Poor performance on smp system

winefan at gmx-topmail.de winefan at gmx-topmail.de
Fri Dec 5 15:30:48 CST 2008


I have a win32 console program running on wine-1.1.7-1.12 (openSuSE 11.1 rc1) 
using two cpus.

While the results are ok the performance of this program is very poor. 

After some testing and comparing with windows I have found: 
The program writes out its results on ascii files from time to time. This writing 
phase obviously takes much(!) longer on wine as on windows. And during
this phase my cpu load is ~100% (i.e. one cpu is idle). My program and wineserver
are about ~50% each. So it is clear, where it looses its performance.

Running with WINEDEBUG=+warn, all a lot of KERNEL32.WaitForSingleObject,
KERNEL32.InterlockedExchange and KERNEL32.ReleaseMutex messages show up 
(see logfile attached).

What is going on here?

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