[Wine] Re: OpenGL test?

szilagyic wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Dec 5 20:01:03 CST 2008

Thanks for all of the suggestions.  They led me in the right direction and I ended up getting this issue fixed.  I too was not able to get the Windows port of glxgears working, on mine it showed just a black screen with nothing.  I found another OpenGL test app for Windows:


Which worked, but very slow.  After further looking, I discovered that DRI was in fact disabled in X11 for my card and was causing horrible fps rates with X11 glxgears in the text box (around 40 fps down to 15 fps when making the window the full size of the screen).

To fix the issue I had to run system-config-display in gnome, and select "Thousands of colors" for the color depth.  Then, after restarting X11, it used color depth of 16 and after inspecting /var/log/Xorg.0.log it showed DRI as enabled now.  I went back and glxgears now showed 450 fps and Warcraft III is now running perfectly!!

Also, I upgraded to wine 1.1.9 with the updated packages released by the Fedora team, and it is still working great.

Thanks again!!


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