[Wine] Re: No Sound in Wine - disable / remove pulseaudio

zweistecken wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Dec 5 23:58:12 CST 2008

as i do like the pulseaudio server, i do not want to remove it completely.

instead, each time i want to run a program thru wine i kill the pulseaudio.
can be done by a hotkey or shortcut.

' killall pulseaudio

done.  Sound works.

and when u want pulseaudio to run again, use this

' pulseaudio

even simpler.

So if you make shortcuts or hotkeys, this is a piece of cake.

stop pulseaudio:  ' killall pulseaudio
start pulseaudio:  ' pulseaudio

p.s.: if you start pulseaudio again in a terminal, dont forget to start it
as a deamon detached from the terminal or
it will get terminated when you close your terminal emulator.

p.p.s: who ever has read this has been reading it.        ÖÖÖÖÖsdaäpkre,m   dunno

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