[Wine] Re: Could Not Locate Entry For HAL.DLL In Setup Log

zenarcher wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 6 04:18:15 CST 2008

vitamin, I don't think it's anything to do with spyware/viruses.  This particular application is an updater on insurance information, used only by independent insurance agents, in their business.  I think they pay a service fee for access to the data, necessary for their business operations.  

My friend, who needs this application, in order to switch his office to Linux, has discussed his desire to move to Linux with the tech guy at Capital software.  While this is the first request they have had in regard to using Linux, he is extremely interested, himself, as he's an open source user and fan.  He would also like to see if we can't get it to work properly with WINE.

I'm supposed to get in touch with him directly, this coming week, since I'm the one trying to get it all working for my friend.  They seem very upfront about the whole software situation and it's not a software package available to the public.  He did give me a link to download their application, so I could see if we could get it to work.


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