[Wine] Creating COM object on Wine

daver667 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 7 12:50:15 CST 2008


I would like to use Wine to perform WMI querying on a remote Windows machine. 

What I need to do is create an instance of SwbemLocator on my local Linux box. Once I've created this COM object, I'll use it to connect to a remote Windows machine and perform WMI queries. 

My question at this point is a very basic one: how do I connect to my local installation of Wine in order to create the COM object instance? It seems to me that wineserver is probably something that will be helpful to me, but once I get it going I still need to access it in order to create the object. Will wineserver be listening for incoming COM connections? 

I'm using j-Interop (a Java to COM bridge written purely in Java) to create the object. Currently I'm doing it against a remote Windows host, but because of poor performance when there is high network latency, I'd like to connect to an instance of SwbemLocator on my local host -- which is Linux.

Any suggestions or directions to try in order to do this would be highly appreciated!


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