[Wine] Blizzard videos

agathodaimon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 7 15:45:50 CST 2008

hey guys am new, so and trying to catch up everything round here. 
I've noticed how all people are complaining that when they play Blizzards games that they cant watch the videos for some reason.
I was installing WoW today and I had some problems with my sound its kinda fucked up (still didn't fix it) well as i was trying to fix wine configurations in the audio section i realised that is you change you driver selection the videos will work. You just have find the proper combination between ALSA - OSS - NAS - EsounD drivers. i managed to make the video working but fortunately my sound was not. Well I guess the bug is probably somewhere there.

Hope this wasn't post before and I hope I helped.

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