[Wine] Gaming support with different hardware vendors (esp. ATI)

M.Kiesel wine-devel at continuity.cjb.net
Sun Dec 7 16:07:08 CST 2008

Hi all!

I recently got an ATI Radeon HD 3850 card and now noticed that with the 
fglrx driver many games that look well in AppDB do not run properly on 
this hardware (Supreme Commander ingame: flickering static garbage, Prince 
of Persia SoT has several issues that completely garble ingame graphics). 
Older games (not using shaders among other things) seem to run fine - need 
to do more testing though.

My guess is that AppDB is more or less nVidia-only. However, since I'm not 
impressed by nv politics (lacking OSS support; also they recently dropped 
support for my old card in their closed driver), getting a new nv card is 
no option.

My questions:

1. How much of the ATI trouble can be attributed to Wine, how much to the 
fglrx driver?- I read a lot of related discussion [1] but I'm not sure 
what of that trouble is resolved already.

2. Is there a chance *older* ATI cards (X800, X1950...) run better in Wine 
with the fglrx driver?

3. Is there a chance older ATI cards run better in Wine with the open 
source "radeon" driver? (that for example does not seem to support GLSL 
[2] for otherwise well-supported R300/R400-based cards)

I started a FAQ entry for this [3]. Any pointers with further 
information (bug entries...) for that FAQ are much appreciated.

Last questions: How can I help? Should I add bugzilla entries for the 
games not working (probably this isn't much help)? Who to contact?





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