[Wine] I need to run windows program with command line parameters?

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sun Dec 7 22:09:02 CST 2008

On 2008-12-08 (Monday) 02:53:05 Alucard-sama wrote:
> In Windows; to have Firefox pass psyn links to the Curse client I use this
> command:
> Code:
> "C:\Program Files\Curse\CurseClient.exe" -url "%1"
> but when I try to get Linux's Firefox to pass the psyn link to the Curse
> client running in wine, wine of course assumes that -url and the quotation
> marks are for it and not the actual Windows command it's meant to run. How
> do I get wine to run the correct equivalent to the above command?

	You didn't give exact command you are trying to run (with Wine) so I guess 
this is something like this:

wine "C:\Program Files\Curse\CurseClient.exe" -url "%1"

	But of course all quotes disappear. And no, this isn't because "Wine assumes 
that -url and quotation marks are for it" - it is because your shell assumes 
that quotation marks are for it (and there is good technical reasons for 
this). So you need to tell your shell that you want to preserve quotation 
marks in the parameter; this can be done in many ways. Here is just two 

wine "C:\Program Files\Curse\CurseClient.exe" -url \"%1\"

	...or this:

wine "C:\Program Files\Curse\CurseClient.exe" -url '"%1"'

	In both cases your shell will preserve quotation marks around "%1".

> PS: Sorry I know it's a poorly orchestrated explanation of the problem...

	To make better explanation you need to provide exact commands you are trying 
to run. In case if above doesn't help and you need farther assistance please 
don't forget to provide commands with Wine you are trying to use.

	Thank you for using Wine.

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