[Wine] I need to run windows program with command line parameters?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 7 22:19:16 CST 2008

Alucard-sama wrote:
> In Windows; to have Firefox pass psyn links to the Curse client I use this command:
> Code:
> "C:\Program Files\Curse\CurseClient.exe" -url "%1"
If you are passing this from Linux you might need to add the grave
accent command at the beginning and end of the command like this:

`"C:\Program Files\Curse\CurseClient.exe" -url "%1"`
> but when I try to get Linux's Firefox to pass the psyn link to the Curse client running in wine, wine of course assumes that -url and the quotation marks are for it and not the actual Windows command it's meant to run.
> How do I get wine to run the correct equivalent to the above command?
> PS: Sorry I know it's a poorly orchestrated explanation of the problem...
James McKenzie

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