[Wine] ActiveX & ADO?

Morgan Read mstuff at read.org.nz
Mon Dec 8 05:42:15 CST 2008

Tlarhices, Qwertymn & Vitamin - thank you, it works.  Installing vb6run
art2kmin mdac27 wsh56 via winetricks seems to have done the trick.  I'll
add it to the appdb.

Thanks again,

On 08/12/08 15:28, Tlarhices wrote:
> Morgan Read wrote:
>> This "~/garbage" directory - is that a euphemism for "~/.wine", 
>> otherwise I don't have this directory to remove?  With that first
>> line, are you suggesting I remove my current wine install from my
>> user account? Then, reinstall the application after using
>> winetricks to install "vb6run art2kmin mdac27 wsh56" and then run
>> it?  Why the use of "WINEPREFIX=~/garbage"?
>> Hope these Q's aren't too lame...
> I will try to explain it simply. Wine has a feature called
> "WINEPREFIX" which gives the possibility to install applications in a
> different folder than ~/.wine This feature is often used when you
> have to make things (using native DLLs, ...) that may prevent other
> applications from running. It creates completely isolated
> environments so you can wipe it and recreate it without removing any
> other application installed. The problem is that you will have to
> prefix every command by :
> Code: WINEPREFIX=something
> And can't use anymore the double click on exe files (as it uses
> default ~/.wine prefix) 
> http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-f2f5f3bc795247f11962ea613a1f9e15657ad552
> The command
> Code: rm -rf ~/garbage
> Is a not subtle way to tell you that you need to make sure this
> folder doesn't exists. So if the remove command tells you it isn't
> here, it is OK.
> You don't have to use the "garbage" prefix or even change prefix, but
> it is be a good idea in this case and for your future test (as using
> winetrick changes the default behavior of wine).

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