[Wine] Re: "Socket type not supported" error

kbbass wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Dec 9 09:17:47 CST 2008

jeffz wrote:
> it's easier if you tell us the name of the program and if there is somewhere to get a demo/trial copy

As I said, the program is part of a proprietary application, and, unfortunately, I have no source code for it, so I don't really know what port it is trying to open, nor can I 'legally' send it to anyone. That is a big part of the battle.

I have (re)verified that this app works on XP,  and the DLLs I copied to Wine's system32 folder were from that installation.

I have the wineserver's verbose debug output that I could provide. But I am having a hard time deciphering much of it. It looks like a "select" call is returning TIMEOUT where it doesn't on XP.

Hope this helps some.



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