[Wine] Wine should use Mono and Gecko installed in the system

Ansus wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Dec 10 04:09:02 CST 2008

Wine FAQ says Wine is not an emulator, but in fact, it works like an emulator - it
does not enhance Linux API, but simply creates a virtual Windows environment completely isolated from other parts of the system. 

* If one runs a .NET based program, Wine requires Win32 Mono to be installed
under Wine, instead of Mono already installed in the system.

* If a program tries to do html rendering, Wine requires a web engine to be
installed under Wine, not using already installed in the system.

* If a program needs Flash, Wine requires an instance installed under Wine.

* If a program uses some fonts, Wine requires the fonts to be in Wine's fonts
directory and does not use already installed in the system (and Wine's fonts
cannot be used by a Linux application)

* Windows drivers loaded under NDIS wrapper cannot use Wine's APIs, that's why
the functionality of NDIS wrapper is so limited (and Wine cannot load Windows
drivers even NDIS-compatible).

This leads to doubling in functionality, incompatibilities and limitations.
I think Wine should fully utilize the subsystems already provided with a distribution and
allow other programs (those which may benifit from it, such as Mono and NDIS wrapper)
to use Wine's APIs.

See this bugreport:

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