[Wine] Re: Dos to USB

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 11 12:23:29 CST 2008

rdonnelly wrote:
> I have a cups printer, but wine and dosbox or dosemu do not run in the same space, so the dos box is not sending printing queue to the wine printer. I am no computer expert, but that is what I beleve is happening. But if wine does not do USB, I suppose it will not run the Dos to USB prog any ways?

Wine DOES NOT use dosbox. They are totally separate programs. Wine has it's own DOS emulation layer.
Wine CAN NOT print to non-CUPS printers.
Wine DOES NOT support USB.

Did you try to run your DOS program under Wine? Does it work? If not, what error do you get? Can you print to this printer from Wine's notepad?

Don't ask here anything related to dosbox/dosemu/etc that's not part of Wine. Go to their forms and ask there.

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