[Wine] Need help for EQ2 Wine installation.

wolfe wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 11 13:04:16 CST 2008

:( Need help for EQ2 Wine installation.
I am running Linux disto Mint-Elyssa release. I have installed and downloaded and copied my eq2 folderfrom my windows folder,no problem untill I hit play then I get a message failed to init Zapt Calligraphic 801 Bold BT  /  failed to init font.

This is about the only thing stopping me from migrating to linux perminatly as this is a game I play alot. Everthing else I have managed to get working either through reading forums or through getting apps online, finally. Any help would be appricated. I am not a programmer but willing to give it a go, but please let me know where to type it in (begining-Middle -or end of line). I will type it in exactly as written. TKS for the help.

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