[Wine] How do I get the Wine *WINDOW* to grab control of my mouse?

lostandfound wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Dec 12 17:47:53 CST 2008


For some (most?) games the screen edges are used for scrolling/turning, etc. Running them in Wine is no problem in full-screen, but in Windowed mode the mouse just moves off, and if the mouse has been 'jerked' fast enough, it is left within the window some distance away from the screen edge. Meaning the window doesn't scroll/your character doesn't turn.

Is there any way for Wine itself to grab the mouse such that it cannot escape the Wine window? Dosbox does this, for example, and a certain key combination releases the lock.

I know that there's a "allow DirectX app to stop the mouse leaving their window" option, but most games won't be run using DirectX because of speed issues, and it doesn't work, for example, when running Warcraft III in OpenGL.

Thanks for the help

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