[Wine] Re: No Sound in Wine - disable / remove pulseaudio

Sardem FF7 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 13 04:30:17 CST 2008

Alsa-OSS and PulseAudio ? So Wine <=> OSS <=> ALSA (pulse) <=> PulseAudio <=> ALSA (hw) ? I prefer use padsp to take off the "ALSA (pulse)" part, even if I lose the "hardware control". But I agree : OSS backend is very good and I've played a long time with it.

For JACK : "aoss jackd -d oss" works fine [Mr. Green] (Wine <=> JACK <=> OSS <=> ALSA (pulse) <=> PulseAudio <=> ALSA (hw))

For info : the new WinePulse 0.10 works fine on WaveOut (with a little (<1s) latency), and I'll read some doc to help Art in this development so I hope it will be easier to use directly WinePulse in a "'few" time.  [Mr. Green]

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