[Wine] Re: chm NOT fixed but success elswhere

jcfuller wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 13 05:29:04 CST 2008

  My requests fell on deaf ears so I will offer another chm file that shows similar problems if you are still interested?
I will file a bug report if necessary.
One note: None of the navigation button icons display correctly and appear to be just place holders as none (except home) works on all chm files I've tried.
Here is the link to the BCX basic to c Translator: http://www.bcxgurus.com/bcx_install.exe
It installs fine with wine although I think there are some path issues as first attempts to compile failed.
The help file is in the BCX DevSuite Pro\Bin\help directory.
The chm file does show but with the icon problems I mentioned above.

If you click on the BCX Language [+] then select BCX GUI Procedures the page shows but clicking on any of the links in this page shows a blank page. 


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