[Wine] Re: Panzer General 2 - Railroad Tycoon 2

dabido65 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 13 20:42:44 CST 2008

Actually, all my problems with games seem to revolve around the same exception I keep getting.

0016:Call PE DLL (proc=0x7e43d360,module=0x7e430000 L"imm32.dll",reason=WINE_PREATTACH,res=(nil))
0016:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x7e43d360,module=0x7e430000 L"imm32.dll",reason=WINE_PREATTACH,res=(nil)) retval=1
0016:Call PE DLL (proc=0x7e43d360,module=0x7e430000 L"imm32.dll",reason=PROCESS_ATTACH,res=(nil))
0016:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x7e43d360,module=0x7e430000 L"imm32.dll",reason=PROCESS_ATTACH,res=(nil)) retval=1
0010:Call PE DLL (proc=0x7e43d360,module=0x7e430000 L"imm32.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1)
0010:exception in PE entry point (proc=0x7e43d360,module=0x7e430000,reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1)
0010:Ret  PE DLL (proc=0x7e43d360,module=0x7e430000 L"imm32.dll",reason=PROCESS_DETACH,res=0x1) retval=1

I found imm32.dll was missing in the System folder, so I installed it there, but the same exception kept occurring.  I also installed it in the system32 folder (just in case) and it still has the same problem.  I've fiddled with the WINE config etc only to find regardless of telling it to use native or builtin it seems to have the same problem.

Any suggestions???



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