[Wine] VeZA routeplanner: X_CreatePixmap error

Gert van den Berg wine-users at mohag.net
Sun Dec 14 04:41:18 CST 2008

Thank you Austin for confirming the bug.

There seem to be a huge (32759x32759 32 bpp) bitmap / pixmap / image
involved (someone that knows X11 might help me out with the
terminology?). The immediate cause of the crash would seem to be a X
error (and the real issue that Wine does not work around the
limitation...), do anyone know a possible workaround, maybe involving
the Xorg config? (Info on how to work with Xorg.conf (without totally
destroying the auto-detection) in a recent X.org would be nice as
well, but that is almoust certainly OT)

For those not following the bug as well: A WINEDBUG=+x11drv log:

Just wondering: Is this by any chance the kind of issue that might be
addressed by the DIB engine?

(I had a look at my Wine-git source code, found it interesting and
decided that my mostly embedded C / Windows C++ knowledge Is probably
not really relevant for Wine's X11 code... All I managed to figure out
is that this is probably where the error comes from:
http://tronche.com/gui/x/xlib/pixmap-and-cursor/XCreatePixmap.html )


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