[Wine] How do I get the Wine *WINDOW* to grab control of my mouse?

M.Kiesel wine-devel at continuity.cjb.net
Sun Dec 14 05:45:34 CST 2008

On Fri, 12 Dec 2008, lostandfound wrote:

> For some (most?) games the screen edges are used for scrolling/turning, 
> etc. Running them in Wine is no problem in full-screen, but in Windowed 
> mode the mouse just moves off, and if the mouse has been 'jerked' fast 
> enough, it is left within the window some distance away from the screen 
> edge. Meaning the window doesn't scroll/your character doesn't turn.

- this is the second most popular bug in Wine. :-)

Someone should change the bug's description to better reflect that it also 
refers to "edge-scrollers".


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