[Wine] Re: Rhapsody errors out on cookies?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Dec 15 11:54:45 CST 2008

James Mckenzie wrote:
> The current PRODUCTION version of WINE is 1.0.1.  This is what should be installed.  

IIRC, the only apps that are promised to run in the "stable" branch are Word Viewer 2003, Powerpoint Viewer 2003, and Excel Viewer 2003. 

1.0 may have been an important psychological milestone, but in terms of actual stability and performance, it is no different than any other release: how well it works depends entirely on what you are trying to run. 1.0.1 just added a handful of bugfixes to a six-month-old release. As for support, I don't know who is supposed to be providing it. I know I can't; I don't even remember what 1.0 was like. The only "support" I've ever seen for 1.0.x users is the advice to upgrade. I see no reason to steer people to a version that old unless I know that there has been a regression affecting the app they are trying to run. 

> we need to get users to create bug reports, 

We need to get users to create valid bug reports, which means testing in the latest development release first. Reporting bugs that have already been fixed wastes not only the user's time, but the time of the people who triage bug reports.

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