[Wine] Re: Upgrade borked wine...

talofo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Dec 15 17:21:55 CST 2008

Can anyone help me install DW CS4 on Wine? It's the only think that keeps me on m$. :(

 on Ubuntu 8.10 I'm on 1.1.10 - should I uninstall this version of wine?

Can we run the setup or must we do it manually?

I've done this steps below:
Installed like so: # wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks # chmod +x winetricks # ./winetricks corefonts ie6 The IE6 libs are needed for splash screen / selection rendering. Just execute the DW CS4 Setup.exe file and follow the prompts. If doing the trial, you might get lost finding the radio button to select it. It is... invisible! Just click to the left of the "I want to install and use..." line where you'd think it would be. A box will appear. 

No success.

Can anyone here post some kind of how to, so I can follow please! I've been on windows 5 days ago. Unistall vista. Install Ubuntu. Install virtualbox, install drivers for my laptop (the sound was tricky) I've done this and that, to finally try the dreamweaver. But on virtualization, each time I chose open, he takes about 30 seconds to react. Since I will do open a bunch of times per hour on DW, I thought on wine. So here I am. :)

Help!!! :D

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