[Wine] Re: CreateProcess for Unix binaries

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Dec 17 08:38:06 CST 2008

yves.surrel wrote:
> The CreateProcess function sets a lpProcessInformation field. This field is set when a Windows process is called, but erased when a Unix binary (e.g. /bin/sleep 2) is called, so the hprocess handle is unknown. Is there a way to obtain this process handle so that GetExitCodeProcess can be called? I basically want to know when the called process has exited.

Native *NIX processes won't have process handle - they are run outside Wine.

The only thing you can use is a standard UNIX mechanism - get PID of the child process then do waitpid() on it. Of course for that you need winelib app so it can call system's waitpid() and not Wine'a msvcrt one.

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