[Wine] Darwine problems?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 20 19:34:39 CST 2008

blasteryui wrote:
> Hey guys I got a ibook g4, I installed darwine, I tried running MSN Messenger 7.0 "it says it works" and it doesn't work I just get an error saying it didn't worry and has closed. I tried utorrent, same deal, then I went to the darwine folder and went into applications and tried clocks.exe and that didn't work either.
Most of the latest versions of Darwine are for Intel Macs only.  You 
have a Power PC Mac.

You can investigate the status of Darwine for the PowerPC on the Darwine 
web page which is hosted on Sourceforge.

As a note:  I do have a PowerPC Mac, and recommend Mac based replacement 
programs for MSN Messenger and uTorrent.  They do exist.

James McKenzie

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