[Wine] Re: Games performance with wine

MaTi wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 21 11:32:57 CST 2008

> Welcome in Linux world, prepare to be disapointed if you want to
> play.... yu had to know...

I really never expected it to work perfectly. I guess if we give developers some more time, wine will handle directx better... They're doing great job anyway :)

> I believe you're not suppose to install directx in wine. Wine has it's
> own implementation which might be why you're only getting 10fps

But it's not complete implementation. When I tried to run some games with bullitin direct x libraries I got error about .dll missing.

> Disabling the vertexshader in winecfg should solve your problem

Yes, it gave me noticeable fps boost, but it's still very slow. Well, I guess I'll check the appdb and follow instruction in there.

Anyway, thanks for help everyone!

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