[Wine] Wine and multiple X screens at different resolutions

mm23 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 21 13:21:47 CST 2008

Hello! I am a great fan of wine, and find it gets better every day. However, there is one problem that is almost make or break for me that I wonder is something just on my end or a genuine bug. I represent a small subset of wine users: those who have two LCD screens at different aspect ratios. I have a 20 inch 4:3 LCD at 1280x1024 and a 22 widescreen LCD at 1680x1050.

Through Nvidia's control panel, I configured them to run on separate X screens (:0:0 and :0:1) at their respective resolutions. It works great for most things -- except for an odd, glaring bug with running wine applications.

My 4:3 is my first screen, and wine somehow assumes the "maximum" resolution for a window (if that makes any sense) is 1280x1024. I cannot maximize a wine window launched on the other screen anywhere past this limit. This is with Wine 1.1.10, currently, but I've had this problem as far back as pre-1.0 releases and with multiple distros (currently running Gentoo). This happens with all applications, fullscreen or windowed. The primary reason this hurts me so much is that I'd benefit greatly from running Photoshop CS2 fullscreen on my widescreen display, which it won't do.

Here are some screenies to try and illustrate the problem:

Photoshop on screen :0:0, maximized
Photoshop on screen :0:1, maximized

as you can see, there is an area where the screen doesn't "draw" right -- the wallpaper behind it bleeds through and if I drag windows across the area they just cascade infinitely.

I'm using nvidia-drivers 180.16, xorg 1.5.3, and x11 7.4. This problem has been around way before I've been using any of these. It was still around during xorg 1.3, so I think it's a wine problem.

My question is: does anyone else run wine with multiple X screens and have this problem, and is there any solution? Is there any config file I can edit? Why is wine assuming resolutions for maximization?

If I unmaximize photoshop and move it over to the side of the screen wine won't "draw" on, it still doesn't draw. It's as if wine is unable to use an entire chunk of the screen. It's very bizarre.

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