[Wine] Fwd: Wine on OpenBSD

Austin English austinenglish at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 09:47:03 CST 2008

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 2:50 AM, Marcel W. Wysocki <maci at satgnu.net> wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Dec 2008 02:30:08 -0600
> "Austin English" <austinenglish at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Pretty well, aside from a regression in 1.1.8 that broke pretty much
>> all apps :-).
>> Other than that, there are a few differences in things BSD doesn't
>> support, most notably file change notifications and a couple
>> networking issues.
>> I tried getting it to work on OpenBSD as well, but couldn't get the
>> fsck'ing thing to install on virtualbox. I tried with a downloaded VM,
>> but couldn't get a proper desktop setup (gnome wouldn't install for
>> whatever reason). If someone can point me toward an OpenBSD install
>> guide (for virtualbox), I'll get some OpenBSD bugs filed...
> i think these bugs are already filed.

I meant Wine bugs for OpenBSD specific issues.

If you're interested, please e-mail me off list.


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