[Wine] Re: No sound device detected on Fallout 3 Launch?

BlackAndChrome wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Dec 22 23:04:30 CST 2008

I went to that page but stopped short at the "bugs" chart and draw away toward that were I just got myself confused... Next time I'll start scrolling all the way to the bttom.

I install Direct X9 with Winetricks now how do I use patches? I looked around for a guide/instructions but found none. A link or simple instruction would be much apreciated.

And for the simple mouse fix it says:

If you still have mouse issues, set one of following registry values:

Which registry is this contained in? I found the registries inside the .wine folder but when I searched inside of the I didn't find anything matching "MouseWarpOverride".

As far as this goes would I even need this considering how I'm not having the problem of the mouse leaving the screen and crashing, I'm having the problem of the mouse resisting movement from the center of the screen?

I really appreciate the help guys, although I've used Ubuntu in the past I'm far from a expert in unix commands or even understanding the file system, which seems to encourage me to get lost without a clue of specific file locations.


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