[Wine] Re: No sound device detected on Fallout 3 Launch?

BlackAndChrome wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Dec 23 23:52:36 CST 2008

The page that maps out the registry shows the "mouseWarpOveride" to be located at :HKCU>Software>Wine>DirectInput>MouseWarpOveride

Unfortunately when I go into wine regedit it does not display DirectInput as a subdirectory of Wine,in fact it's just not there.

I've been working on getting Git installed... I did so by "sudo apt-get install git-core git-doc git-email gitk". Is this proper and going to result in the same thing as installing from a tarball? And do I also need to install cURL and libcurl? I'm running Ubuntu Hardy, several guides say I need to so I can only assume so. I'm thinking about going ahead and reformatting to Intrepid because in my "learning process" I've probably achieve creating numerous flaws in allot of stuff.


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