[Wine] Help installing Inventor 2009

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Dec 23 23:53:51 CST 2008

On 2008-12-23 (Tuesday) 20:12:34 mifan81 wrote:
> I saw autodesk inventor 2009 is working with wine

	Where you saw it? If this was in AppDB then I'm afraid this is false hope (at 
least for now). By reading AppDB page: 
http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=14178 you may 
think that Inventor works out-of-the-box. But this never was true. I wrote to 
the Maintainer some time ago (more than a week) and asked him how he was able 
to install and successfully run Autodesk Inventor 2009 Professional. He 
answered: "Honestly, I have to look at my registry hive again. I forgot what 
I changed. I'll put it on the page in a few days." - but the page in the 
AppDB was never updated after that; my guess he wasn't able to reproduce 
successful installation or wasn't able to run the program again. But perhaps 
he didn't have free time and after few days just forgot about this so I sent 
him a reminder. However in any case he clearly indicated that Inventor never 
worked out-of-the-box because he did some (unfortunately forgotten) changes 
to the registry - and he also forgot to mention this in the AppDB page.

BTW, you can install Inventor 2009 (at least this is true on Debian Lenny) if 
you run its installer (inventor.msi) directly with SETUP=1 parameter but 
don't forget to install dotnet20 first (using winetricks). Unfortunately this 
will not help much because Inventor will fail to run after that (however it 
doesn't hurt to try - maybe you will have better luck).

Currently I have no free time but as soon as I have some I'm going to look 
into this problem again and will create some bug reports about Inventor 2009 
and its installer.

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