[Wine] How much of Wine Explorer is functional?

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 08:00:48 CST 2008

I wanted to play music in VLC for Windows off a network SMB share. [*]
Music's on \\red\trollop\music\ so I put that into VLC and it didn't
like it.

So I started "wine explorer" from the command line and went to
"Connect network drive ..." and it came up with a dialogue box: "No
network" - that's all.

Is this actually supposed to work properly, or is something wrong?

[*] Trying to do this in KDE4 is an exercise in pain. The only app
that appears able to stream from an smb:// URL is Dragon, and that
doesn't play folders or have a playlist - all the others copy the file
before starting playback. Amarok 2 should do it, but crashes if you
look at it funny. Suggestions welcomed.

- d.

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