[Wine] program wont run problem with nethasp protection

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 25 13:22:04 CST 2008

danielbu wrote:
> I seem to have a much more basic problem than ivar - I ran my program in winedbg and got this:
>> me at my-computer:~$ winedbg judaica2
>> fixme:ole:DllRegisterServer stub
>> err:rundll32:WinMain Unable to load L"-s"
>> Couldn't start process 'judaica2 '
> So it seems to me that my problem is at a lower level - eg. the DllRegisterServer is missing something. Any suggestions?
> Happy Holidays[/quote]
Merry Christmas, first off.

Second, you have been told what to do to troubleshoot the problem.  Open 
terminal, change directories to the directory where the program is and 
then run it from there like this:

Cd $HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/<directory where program is>
wine <name of program executible> >/tmp/<log file> 2>&1

This will save any output from the program into the <log file> in the 
tmp directory when running the program. 

If the program still fails to run, there is a bigger problem and that 
may be a borked installation of Wine.

James McKenzie

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