[Wine] Re: Error: Driver of DVD-Drive is actually not available...

Funkfeuer wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 25 15:17:21 CST 2008

Well, I'm not sure.
Usually it only should install the Editing-Program, but I don't know, what components are also installed - with a "sub-installation".

Usually I have no problems by using my DVD-Drive under Linux Ubuntu..

I think, wine doen't know the DVD-Drive. Normally it's no problem, because there's no need to use the DVD-Drive with wine.
But in my case the HD-Writer-Program requires any compontens, can't finde in the registry...
But I'm not sure, if this is really so and I also don't know if the error-message is the correct one for this kind of error...?

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