[Wine] Davka Writer

Austin English austinenglish at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 15:36:49 CST 2008

On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 7:29 PM, Ditzian <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> In response to the latest comment, here is another try.  I did not realize that I was not at the target directory.  I am not yet able to recognize directories from programs, especially in Konsole.  Here is the latest dump, including some of my mistakes in navigation.
> [jan at Natashahouse ~]$ cd .wine/drive_c
> [jan at Natashahouse drive_c]$ dir
> ADBOOK  DavkaWriter\ Documents  Program\ Files  windows
> [jan at Natashahouse drive_c]$ cd DavkaWriter\ Documents
> [jan at Natashahouse DavkaWriter Documents]$ dir
> [jan at Natashahouse DavkaWriter Documents]$ cd ..
> [jan at Natashahouse drive_c]$ dir
> ADBOOK  DavkaWriter\ Documents  Program\ Files  windows
> [jan at Natashahouse drive_c]$ cd Program\ Files
> [jan at Natashahouse Program Files]$ dir
> Common\ Files  Davka  Internet\ Explorer
> [jan at Natashahouse Program Files]$ cd Davka
> [jan at Natashahouse Davka]$ dir
> DavkaWriter
> [jan at Natashahouse Davka]$ dir
> DavkaWriter
> [jan at Natashahouse Davka]$ cd DavkaWriter
> [jan at Natashahouse DavkaWriter]$ dir
> Clipart       davwrite.hlp  _DEISREG.ISR  Spelling  Undo\ Files
> davwrite.cnt  DeIsL1.isu    _ISREG32.DLL  Tanach    Whatsnew.CNT
> davwrite.exe  DeIsL2.isu    readme.txt    TIPS.txt  WHATSNEW.HLP
> [jan at Natashahouse DavkaWriter]$ wine davwrite.exe
> [jan at Natashahouse DavkaWriter]$

You could try using the full path:

$ wine "C:\Program Files\Davka\DavkaWriter\davwrite.exe"

> When I did the above, the same thing happened as when I ran it from the menu--the Davka Writer splash screen appeared and then the program ended.
> *****

> With respect to Austin's comment about upgrading Wine--I am using PCLinuxOS, whose user group (upon whom I rely heavily) strongly recommends not loading programs outside its Synaptic repos.  While I am violating this rule by trying to run this Windows program, I am unwilling to replace a repo version with something else.  If I break PCLinuxOS that way, all the king's horses and all the king's men won't even be willing to come to the wall to look at the egg on my face.

You can always compile from source, or ask your distro to get newer
versions. Wine development is very rapid, and old versions are
outdated quickly.

> With respect to running as root, that was my error.  I thought I had to do that, so I opened Konsole and did a su.  This time I did not do that, and I won't do it in the future.
> With respect to the old video card--I built this computer about six years ago, and I was cheap even then.  I did not use the hottest video card I could find, I used a  Sapphire Radeon 9000.

I doubt it's the source of your problems, just pointing out the error
you had. It looks more like a driver problem though.

> Thanks for the pointers.  I do not know if this is any help.  I did not even realize that there may be an Internet Explorer hidden in Wine.  Here I am using Firefox when I could  be using Internet Explorer.

That Internet explorer implementation is very very primitive, and is
only there for apps that require it for rendering.


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