[Wine] Games performance with wine

Leonardo sombriks at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 06:33:18 CST 2008

MaTi, you can try some tweaks. The for-windows-games indeed will not be so
fast (for now maybe, ;D), but you can, for example, disable compiz effects
while play, use a ligthweight window manager so certain resources consumed
by gnome will be free for use in games.

usually i setup a fluxbox in order to play, there's no icons or lots of
things available inside a desktop, but his lack of resources can help when
you go play.

also fluxbox menu can easliny edited and prepared to launch any game!

2008/12/21 MaTi <wineforum-user at winehq.org>

> I've been using Linux Ubuntu for a few days, but I already love it :)
> However, when I'm running windows games under wine, I get less than 10fps,
> while under windows they work really fast. I have installed latest Nvidia
> drivers from ubuntu repositories and Direct X 9c under wine (yes, dxdiag
> works, and it passes all the tests). I have also seen on youtube, that many
> people don't have any problems with running those games under ubuntu. Is
> there any solution for this problem?
> Some info that might be needed:
> Hardware:
> CPU - Core2Duo e4300 @ 2.34GhZ
> Graphic Card - Palit Geforce 7300GS
> Ram - 2GB @ 800MhZ
> Wine version: 1.1.10
> Ubuntu version: 8.10 with all the updates
> Games I tried to run:
> Steam - works, but when I switch to games list, even it's windows moves
> very slowly
> Half-LIfe 2 (steam) - only 5-7 fps
> GTA San Andreas - when many NPC's appear on screen it's getting laggy. When
> I turn my back to NPC's it's fine again.
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