[Wine] Re: Error: Driver of DVD-Drive is actually not available...

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 27 08:13:34 CST 2008

Funkfeuer  the issue here is really a simple one.

If windows program is using its own windows driver to interface with dvd drive it can be stuffed. 

In this case it appears the program is looking for Panasonic windows driver for the dvd rom drive.  Last time I checked wine driver layour will not support installing native windows dvd drive drivers.  You could always try installing the driver in a testing prefix of wine.   Yes program appears hardware locked only works if a Panasonic drive is present.   Now I would recommend finding another solution if that is the case.   Hardware locked are curses.  

Check that you have a link to the linux device for the burner.   If you do wine own virtual drivers are in place.  [
In there for d: there should be a d::  Yes double : with a link to the Linux device.  If that is missing then it could be the cause.

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