[Wine] New Ubuntu 8.10 User

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 27 12:52:13 CST 2008

Brevalan wrote:
> I would like to thank the forum for solving my problem. I have wine installesd and even managed to load MaxiVista and synergy. Great result 
> I was flying ove rVictoria Falls las night with 3 screens running like mad.( I spent my last 5 years of work in Africa.) 
> James.
>  While i hear you loud and clear, us beginners have a problem with the faqs very often as they tend to be a bit technical for us and assume we know everything other  than what is on the faq
> I did look through the FAQs but couldn't find what I got here on the forum. Now this forum can from my point of view be closed unless you feel that this is a FAQ and you want to use oit as such.
> I am sure I will be back soon
> best of british
> Brevalan

I 'hear' you about the FAQs.  Please post any comments so we can make 
them 'nOOb' friendly as possible.  I've been there, done that as far as 
nOObiness goes, but I've been working with computers, UNIX/Linux and 
Wine for some time and forget what it is like to be there.  Your 
comments as a nOOb help others who join and want answers to the most 
basic of questions.

And I am glad that you solved your problem.  Please post what you did as 
a solution to the Applications Database.  This may help others.

James McKenzie

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